Project Details

The primary goal of this project was to transform every square meter of this apartment into a cozy and relaxing space. To achieve this, we made specific interventions in the living/ dining room area.

In response to our clients' requests, we created a proposal that aligns more with the couple's personality, taking into consideration the two cats that live in the house and made this project even more special.

To accomplish our objectives, we employed a concept of nature and lightness for this project, creating this sensation with suspended items on the walls.To provide sophistication and beauty, we chose a sofa in neutral tones with premium fabrics such as linen. The rug also maintains a neutral color while incorporating various textures. We opted for wooden carpentry and enriched the environment with some metal and marble-patterned MDF details.

To conclude, we maximized every nook and cranny, and in the corridor, we set up a beautiful home office space seamlessly integrated with the room's decor.