daiane paolieri

Daiane Paolieri

Architect and interior designer

I've always wanted to be an architect, and at the age of 17, I studied Interior Design and found my passion and life purpose! I'm passionate about architecture, design, colors, photography, and trends, but above all, I love fulfilling dreams and expressing soul through my projects.

I graduated in Architecture and Urbanism after completing my technical course in Interior Design, which allows me to work in both interior design and architecture, developing detailed projects. I gained experience in renowned residential and commercial architecture firms.

After moving to Switzerland, I found a guiding principle for my work in Neuroarchitecture, as it allows me to bring scientifically proven positive experiences to project users. This enables me to have an extremely personal and human approach to each client. Every life I can touch is a unique experience, and it allows me to create projects with soul, translating dreams, life stories, and individual tastes.

Interior Design Project

Interior Design Project

We offer creative Neuroarchitecture solutions for sophisticated projects tailored to the client's needs and preferences. We provide in-person services in Zurich and Jundiaí (Brazil), as well as online services anywhere in the world, keeping the same level of quality. The physical project is delivered to the client regardless of their location.

Interior Consulting

Interior Consulting

We offer technical guidance and solutions for specific questions in small renovations and decoration of existing properties. The consulting is done through an online meeting and includes a comprehensive proposal for layout, colors, furniture, and decoration. We provide services worldwide, including for stores, businesses, clinics, or offices.

Architecture and Design are not just about aesthetics

Thinking about architecture or interior design goes far beyond what we find visually pleasing or not. We must consider the physical and mental well-being of those who will occupy that space, whether it is truly functional, or if we are solely focused on aesthetics, neglecting more important aspects.

Beauty heals, but the environments in a home must go beyond being beautiful; they should be filled with the personality of the occupants and evoke positive emotions.


For those in Switzerland, I highly recommend Daiane's work. She is an architect and interior designer who works with dedication, professionalism, competence, and love. She surprised me at every stage of the project, and her attention to the smallest details left me enchanted, to the point that I am planning the restructuring of my baby's room with her.

Rafaela Beruel

I won a consultation for my integrated living/dining room with Daiane, and I absolutely loved the final result. I had some hesitations and uncertainties initially because I didn't have a large budget to invest. However, when Dai showed me the project, I was enchanted because it definitely exceeded my expectations. She truly understood my personality and reflected it in my living/dining room. It was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend her.

Caroline Cassoti

I was extremely satisfied and happy with the final result. Daiane is a great professional and knows how to assist us with great kindness. She always listens to us and respects our desires. I highly recommend her.

Carine Grubenmann

Handing over my living room to Dai for a project was the best choice. The result was astonishing! She managed to transform a simple space into a pleasant and cozy environment, making excellent use of every area without overcrowding it.

The subtlety of the chosen furniture also added a charming touch to the place and, most importantly, made it accessible for two children to play in a playful and intuitive way.
São Paulo – Brazil

Ligia Martin Beloni

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Daiane Araujo for helping us transform our small home office. The project was guided by a quick understanding of my needs, combined with a budget that suited my reality and the ability to deliver within the schedule. Seeing the final result, we realized that without her professional assistance, we would not have achieved such creativity, combining comfort, beauty, and modernity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It was an experience that we highly recommend.
Lucerne - Switzerland

Hulda e Luciano Lotscher